“A blank piece of paper, canvas or computer screen can be one of the most intimidating things an artist can face, but I embrace it. I rarely set out with a plan. I try to encourage the kid in me to just play without expectation or judgment. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to make a mess.  It is within this mess that the real piece of art waits to be revealed” — Me

NEW! Show Announcement

My new fiber collage work will be on display, and up for sale, at the Scrap Exchange in Durham, North Carolina from November 17 -January 6, 2018. For more information, go to: www.scrapexchange.org/cameron-gallery/




Holiday Art Show, 2017

Cameron Gallery at the Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC


Liberty Street Printmakers, 2012

Narrows Gallery at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA


Press & Kiln: Expressions in Ink & Raku, 2009

DeBlois Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island


Spring Bull Galllery (Newport, Rhode Island)

18th “Les Peittes Oeuvres’’ Exhibition


Newport Art Museum/Coleman Center: Student Show, 2008

Partial Scholarship Award


International Miniature Print Exhibition, 2007

JUROR: David Kiehl, Curator of Prints,

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York


Rhythms ~ 1996

JUROR: Starmanda Bullock, Professor of Art, Howard University


Faces and Figures ~ 1996

JUROR: Caroline Carr, Deputy Director, National Portrait Gallery


On the Edge ~ 1995

JUROR: David Tannous, Curator, Critic, Writer


Animal, Vegetable, Mineral ~ 1995

JUROR: Steven Newsome, Director, Smithsonian Institution


Artist Favorites ~ 1995

JUROR: Terrie Sultan, Curator of Contemporary Art

Corcoran Gallery of Art


Things to Hang Above the Blue Sofa ~ 1995

Merit Awards

JUROR: Angela Adams, Gallery Director, Ellipse Art Center


The Light ~ 1994

JUROR: Margery Goldberg, Artist, Owner, Director, Zenith Gallery


The Light ~ 1994

JUROR: Margery Goldberg, Artist, Owner, Director, Zenith Gallery


Odyssey ~ 1994

JUROR:Wretha Hanson, Owner, Director, Franz Bader Gallery


Flora and Fauna ~ 1994

Merit Award

JUROR: David Tannous, Curator, Critic, Writer





Personal Masterpieces ~ 1994

JUROR:Francious Yohalem, Artist, Consultant, Curator


New Year, New Works ~ 1994

JUROR: Jacqueline Serwer, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art,

The National Museum of American Art


On the Black and White Spectrum ~ 1993

JUROR: David Adamson, David Adamson Gallery


Summer’s Light ~ 1993

JUROR: Jeff Wilson, Curator of the Department of Design

The National Gallery of Art


The Blues ~ 1993

Honorable Mention

JUROR: Marla Prather, Assistant Curator of 20th Century Art,

The National Gallery of Art (now curator at the Whitney Museum in NYC)





Kelley Lynn Albert (Collections)

1996 Collection: Hannibals Coffee House in Washington, DC

1995 Collection: Borders Books & Music in Washington, DC

1992 Collection: Capitol Hill Art League in Washington, DC





Washington, DC

Uptown Georgetown Art Fair (1995)

Paris on Eighth Street (1995)

Pelican Club (1994)

Capital Hill Community Festival (1993)

Georgetown Park Art Show (1993)

Lincoln Park Festival (1992)

Festival on the Hill


Virginia / Maryland

Ellipse Gallery in Arlington, VA (1997)

Appalachian Sidewalk Sale in Vienna, VA (1994)

Fells Point Craft Show in Baltimore, MD (1994)

Harvest Bazaar in Vienna, VA (1994)

Fireside Gallery in Arlington, VA (1992)

Alexandria (VA) Red Cross Waterfront Festival

This site focuses primarily on my life as an artist, specifically an abstract one, working in the mediums of printmaking and collage. My life as a graphic designer does not lend itself to taking big risks and pushing boundaries creatively, but art does. My two lives—as a designer and an artist—do feed off each other though, hopefully making me better at both.


In many ways I feel like my journey is just beginning, but honestly, I’ve been on this path—honing my skills in the visual arts—for quite some time. I bought a B&W darkroom with money from a summer job that I
set up in my childhood home; was introduced to graphic design in high school that set me off on a path in the commercial arts; I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.

I’ve made my living as a designer (kelleyalbertdesign.com) ever since. But fine art has always held a special place in my heart.  In DC, I spent my weekends selling my collages through outdoor street festivals and juried art shows. In Newport, RI, I learned (and fell in love with) printmaking at the museum across the street. Here in Raleigh, I picked up my camera again, shooting everyday objects for stock agencies, and shooting cities and towns across North Carolina for my blog, kelley-in-carolina.


With every tool I pick up, with every medium I explore, and with every assignment I take on, they all have a few things in common. They teach me something new and they sharpen my sense of color and space—all while keeping me challenged, curious and engaged.

Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by!